World Bread Day: Foods That Can Be Paired With Bread

One of the foods Nigerians don’t joke with is bread, be it Agege bread, Oyo bread, sliced bread or any other type there is. October 16 is dedicated to celebrate the advent of bread; World Bread DayWhile you can choose to stuff your akara inside Agege bread, you can also decide to eat it with beans. Any which way, satisfaction is assured.

Bread is versatile and can be paired with different kinds of foods. Some of these foods include but are not limited to;

1. Tea

Whether you prefer to sip your tea before you eat your bread or after, or you prefer to dip it inside the tea, bread and tea slaps!

2. Bread spread

That moment hunger is already wiping you oraimo cord and you need to eat sharp sharp, you can never go wrong with bread and butter or other bread spread like mayonnaise (bama), peanut butter, etc. 

3. Eggs

Any form of egg is okay when eaten with bread but fried eggs slap harder. Don’t forget to garnish it with orisirisi and prepare tea on the side to top it down. Ooh laa laa!!!

4. Beans

Bread and beans is a meal joined together from heaven and no one can put asunder. Just like bread, beans is a goated meal and it tastes better when paired with bread or anything made from beans, like akara or moinmoin. 

5. Groundnut

Bread and groundnut are quite unusual, yet they’re a very delicious combo. If you haven’t tried it, you need to, as soon as possible. No time to check time.

6. Stew/ Soups

The same way we eat rice with stew or different kinds of soups is the same way we can eat bread. You can use regular stew, or just go for a soup. Bread and egusi is not weird, likewise bread and efo riro. Those that have tried this combo know what’s up.

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