Normal Or Weird, How Do You Find These 7 Nigerian Food Combos?

Nigeria is home to many ethnic groups with different delicacies. Some Nigerians have found adventurous ways to combine their meals, while some of these combos can send some people’s taste buds to hell, others believe them to be scrumptious. Let’s take you on a voyage and you decide which of these meals you consider to be normal or weird.

1. Bread and Pap

As weird as this combo might have sounded to you, to some people, it is believed to be as normal as any other food. I wonder how this combo would taste, I mean bread is neither Moi Moi nor Akara. Gosh!

What do you think about this combo?

2. Bread and Noodles

This must have been invented by those genders that wear trousers due to their belief that noodles alone can not suffice them, so they take bread as a supporting striker. But I won’t deceive you, it’s really delicious.

What do you think about this combo?

3. Yam and Rice

Did you even grow up in a Yoruba home if you have never tried eating this? Well, unless you’re not living in Nigeria. That leftover Yam can’t go to waste so you combine it with the just cooked hot Rice. Nigerian parents won’t open their eyes to watch you waste their food – as if living under their roof for free is not enough.

What do you think about this combo?

4. Eba and Beans

Based on research, lovers of this combo find this edible because well-cooked beans can serve as an alternative for  Gbegiri (beans soup), so they believe it can also work with any swallow (fufu, eba, amala, semo, etc.) in place of Gbegiri. Their taste buds must have gone to Havard cos what?!!

What do you think about this combo?

5. Puff Puff and Beans

This is the best food combo ever. I am a testifier and ever since I ate it, I prefer eating my beans with puff puff to having it with bread. In a bid to spread its goodness, I will urge you to try it too and you can keep your “thank yous” coming in after you did.

What do you think about this combo?

6. Rice with Okra Soup

Yes, you heard that right! This is one of the most talked about combos as quite a number of people find it edible, However, some people would rather stay hungry if this food was their only option. I guess it will really taste well though, you know, it won’t kill to try.

What do you think about this combo?

7. Garri and Onion

The reason behind the invention of this is really funny. This is invented by people with bad eyesight but can’t do without garri. You must have probably known that garri is harmful to the eyes while onions are good for them, so take a pause and do the math – while garri is ruining the eyes, onion is repairing them, hence, the amalgamation of the two. We should probably consult a doctor to know if this is medically proven.

What do you think about this combo?

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