15 Ladies Talk About Using Sex Toys For The Very First Time

  1. Yetunde, 21: I was gifted a vibrator at a friend’s birthday party. I decided to try it out a few weeks after. It was all good until a particular side of the wire which was exposed touched my lap and shocked me. I screamed so loud that my mum and sis rushed into my room. I hid it under my blanket even though it was still working. My mom saw something moving under my blanket and asked me what it was, my stoopid sister burst out laughing. My mom got hold of it and questioned me further. I sha told her that it was a face massager before she returned it and left. I still haven’t figured out whether I was gifted a London-used sex toy or the rats in my house ate the wire, l wonder what I would have said in heaven if I died.
  2. Tade, 24: The first time I used my dildo, I forgot it under my pillow since I had to go to work early the following morning. I came back and saw my mother crying, I flung my bag and moved closer to know what was going on but she harshly told me not to touch her with my fiIthy hands. Las las, I found out that she saw my dildo and it made her really sad. The negative effects of using sex toys was our sermon topic during morning devotions for over 2 months.
  3. Deborah, 32: I remember when we visited my in-law’s house last year on Christmas Day. Since we would be spending 2 weeks there, I and hubby decided to go with the vibrator he just got. We started going at it in the middle of the night. That’s how hubby brought the vibrator close to me and I started screaming out loud because the pleasure was crazyyyyy! I was shouting yeehh, aaahhh, whoosh, whiisshh. I totally forgot we were not in our house until my in-laws came around to check if everything was going on well with both of us.
  4. Abike, 31: I have always been against sex toys until recently. My husband bought a vibrator and a penis ring. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to use it because I thought it was a sin. My husband convinced me as he wasn’t ready to waste his money. I later accepted to use it and I must say that I reached paradise and came back the first time I ever used it. I could barely have sex without my vibrator ever since then.
  5. Yemisi, 25: I am so attracted to my boyfriend that I get easily aroused around him. Since I always feel like having sex with him almost every minute which is impossible, I decided to get a dildo and a vibrator and use either one or both secretly whenever I’m horny around him. We’d just finished having sex one night, and even though the foreplay and intercourse lasted more than an hour, I wasn’t satisfied. I brought out my dildo and started thrusting beside him while he was asleep. He opened his eyes, moved closer to me, and hugged me from behind. I quickly removed the dildo and dropped it right next to me under the duvet. We both slept off. I woke up to him holding the dildo with a very cold face the following morning. I begged him and promised not to repeat it. I didn’t keep my promise.
  6. Amaka, 29: The day I wore a remote control vibrator is a day I will never forget in my life. I went to the shopping mall with my fiance (now husband) who was controlling the remote. We were still on our way to the mall when he turned it on, the sound I made confused our Uber driver he had to look at me through the mirror.  I composed myself till we got to the mall even though I was getting worked on down there. He turned it off and turned it on again at the security check, I was just laughing like a fool. He kept distracting me by turning on the vibrator whenever I’m talking to someone or doing something important. He did the same thing during dinner with extended family later that day. It was EPIC.
  7. Clara, 20: I tried having BDSM when I was 18-year-old. I visited my ex on a Friday night after he assured me that his parents had traveled. He wasn’t the free type so we were excited about that night and the rest of the weekend. We had ordered the bondage kit online and we both spent time reading about how to set it up. It was all set and we were already enjoying the night when we heard a knock. The housekeeper came to tell him that his parents were around. He started sweating profusely while struggling to untie me. He had to cover me with his blanket since he couldn’t untie me. He told me to keep calm and went to meet his parents while my hands were tied to the back for about an hour under the blanket. They figured he was hiding something and followed him to the room. I wish the ground could swallow me when he opened my face for them to see. I ended up sleeping at their visitor’s room that night.
  8. Funmilayo, 27: Long-distance relationships would barely work if konji keeps grabbing both of you in the neck. I and my boyfriend improvised by buying different kinds of sex toys. My boyfriend got a pussy shaped masturbator even though he was insecure about me using a dildo. I sha got a vibrator and sucking toy. We use it during face time and it feels like we were having real sex, even though there is no physical touch. He watches me while using the toy while I do the same. It has been keeping our long-distance relationship going.
  9. Fade, 27: I had just come back from a date and I got horny asf. As usual, I brought out my sex toy kits to get to work that night. I used my butt plug and subsequently used a vibrator. After I finished, I tried removing the butt plug and I was hearing a crackling sound as if it was about to break. That was when I remember stories of how some girls had to undergo surgeries after inserting stuff for pleasure. I was very worried and hoped I don’t make it to the media too. I was so ashamed of talking to anyone about it. I left it there until I had the courage to pull it out the following morning. Come and hear me sing praise and worship songs after I was able to remove it.
  10. Ibukun, 24I ordered a rechargeable vibrator at a 50% discount price. The first time I tried using it was in the middle of the night so I could enjoy myself without any distraction. I switched it on and it started making some weird loud noise. I sha continued using it since I was sure everyone would be sleeping. It was my father’s voice I first heard that night asking me what the noise was from my room. It wasn’t even very loud like that o but African parents and pokenosing are like 5&6. I started struggling to turn it off from that moment but I couldn’t. I heard him talking to my mom and she started approaching my room as well. I threw the nonsense vibrator that refused to keep quiet against the wall until it kept quiet. Alakoba! Everyone thought I was mad that night.
  11. Tina, 22: My first experience with a sex toy was funny and crazy. I got a large 12-inch dildo, but unfortunately, I couldn’t use it because I had two roommates and there was no privacy in the room at all. One day, they both had an 8 O’clock lecture so I decided to use my dildo since I was alone at the hostel. l inserted the dildo down to the balls and was thrusting slowly. A few minutes later, both of my roommates arrived and I hurriedly pulled out the dildo with force so they won’t suspect anything going on. The pain I felt in my vagina and pelvic region lasted for more than a week.
  12. Rachael, 25: The moment I set my eyes on the sex toys I ordered and one of them looked like a spanner, I knew either me or the sex toy will be wounded that midnight. The action started at exactly 1:38 am. One minute after, I started feeling like something was pulling my pubic hair but I ignored it because I didn’t want anything to disrupt the moment. Little did I know that I was already braiding my pubic hair down there. I finished and had to start removing my hair strand by strand from a tiny opening of the sex toy after it had twisted around it. I got tired of removing and picked up a scissors. I shaved that midnight.
  13. Rabiat, 21: So I had this friend, we met on Snapchat and I decided to visit him after chatting for some time. When I got to his place, we began talking and later smoked to spice things up. We started making out and all of a sudden, he brought out a vibrator. I was even still asking why he had a vibrator. He didn’t even let me land before he began work. Damnnnn! I would say that was the best moment in my history of having sex, I cum thrice. You know that feeling when you are high on smoke and high on the sex toy. Even though we didn’t have sex, the toy did justice I couldn’t help but went back for more.
  14. Nimota, 26: My first sex toy experience was with a flogger and a vibrator. This guy loves to dominate, hence the flogger. The romance was sweet until he brought out his 48 tailed and 20 inches long flogger. Are we doing Halloween in bed or why the weapon? I sha kept mute and watched him do his thing as I was also interested in trying new stuff. He gave me the vibrator to use on myself. It was my first time using a vibrator and I went from cloud 1 to cloud 9. I was still busy ‘cumin’ when the flogger landed on my chest waiii. That’s how I started cumin and going while laughing and crying. It was a real definition of pain and pleasure that day.
  15. Cindy, 28: I went to a club on a Friday night and met a guy I really liked. We hugged, kissed, danced, and drank together. We almost had sex too but I insisted I wasn’t going to do a one-night stand. I got home horny and the only thing that came to mind was using the dildo I had kept in my wardrobe for months. I slept off after inserting it and met it there the following morning. Felt something in between my lap all night but I was too drunk to even think.