Why Beans Will Forever Be A Goated Nigerian Dish

Image Credit; Jon Haley/ Via Unsplash

When talking about the commonest food in Nigeria, if not queuing right behind rice which is the number one food in the country, beans is somewhere around the top 5 foods in this part of the world. One of the interesting things about this food is that different meals made from it have their unique names – Ewa agonyin, Akara, Moimoi, Wanke and so on. One of the reasons why Nigerians have crowned beans as one of the life-saving meals is because of its versatility when it comes to pairing with other meals. What can’t you eat beans with? This list of some of the foods beans can be paired with would convince you that this food is goated.

1. Bread

It is not surprising that bread has to top the list of foods beans can be paired with – who doesn’t love bread and beans?  Settling for a soft agege bread, and well prepared ewa agoyin has never been a wrong idea. I don’t know who thought of that combination, but I hope the person forever remains happy – *shouts a thunderous Amen*. Additionally, foods made from beans can also be eaten with bread, especially Moimoi and Akara.‏

2. Garri

Beans and Garri

Only God knows when garri has been saving lives in this country. It’s everybody’s go-to meal, regardless of their economical status. Pair garri with beans and you can have all my money. You can choose to sprinkle it on the beans or soak it and drink it alongside the beans, either way, make sure you don’t bite your tongue!

3. Plantain

Beans, Fish and Plantain/ Via Sisi Jemimah

There must be a serious war going on on your taste bud if you don’t like plantain, respectfully! Combining beans with plantain – either cooked together or fried – is heavenly!

4. Rice

Ask any Nigerian when last they ate rice and they’d refer you to a few minutes ago. Although it is not as common as people eating only rice, beans is a good meal to be eaten alongside rice. It is better when cooked together and eaten with a well-cooked stew. It can also be cooked in a kind of way called Waakye. Waakye is very common among Ghanaians and the Hausa people in Nigeria.

5. Corn

Apart from just eating corn as a snack, or using sweetcorn to garnish meals, a much better way of eating corn is with beans. When it’s off the cob, they can be cooked together with pepper mix and spices or by making stew separately. If you’ve never tried it, I highly recommend it.

6. Yam or Sweet Potato

Asides from the regular way of cooking yam porridge, it can also be cooked as yam and beans porridge – likewise potato. This combo is heavenly, filling, and scrumptious.

7. Eba


If you have never heard or seen where people eat eba and beans before, I am glad to break it to you today. The inquisitive nature of people makes them try new food, bringing about why some people find this combo edible, they even said it is delicious. So if you’re an adventurous person, you can try taking eba with beans.

8. Beans Stew or Gbegiri

Beans Stew/ Via Dobby’s Signature

Beans is one of the recipes for one of the popular soups in Nigeria, Gbegiri, how wonderful! The idolized Abula soup isn’t complete without gbegiri, a Yoruba soup made from beans. Some people prefer to eat gbegiri with their amala, instead of adding ewedu to make it abula.

While you might not have seen your favorite beans meal on this list, I hope I’ve been able to make my point on why this food is a very goated meal. Ensure you get yourself any food made from beans, or beans itself before the end of this week!

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