6 Common Breakfasts In Nigerian Homes

According to most nutritionists, Breakfasts are the most important meals of the day. Adelle Davies said: Eat breakfast like a King, lunch like a Prince, and dinner like a Pauper. In Nigerian homes, some foods are ultimately classified as breakfast-worthy and here are a few of them:

1. Rice or Spaghetti:

Rice is that meal that would always comes first in most Nigerians’ diet. Many believe it’s well-suited as the first meal of the day – breakfast. An alternative to this is spaghetti, although a few people are not a fan of it. These two are an easy go-to breakfast in many Nigerian homes as long as there’s stew or vegetables to eat it with.

2. Bread and Tea:

Bread and tea are also common in homes, especially the ones with young children. It is a very fast meal which is usually taken before going out in the morning.

3. Cereals:

Apart from bread and tea, another quick meal that is usually taken as breakfast is cereal. This is very common in homes with kids as usual. The common ones are oats, golden morn, and cornflakes. 

4. Toasts or Sandwiches:

This is very similar to bread and tea. Just that it’s more exquisite, filling, and has more ingredients and nutrients. It’s more common in wealthy homes or when families want something different for a change. 

5. Yam:

The fact that yam is delicious and is an easy meal makes it a good breakfast. It’s usually taken with an egg sauce or fish sauce. Having this as breakfast might make you forget lunch as it’s quite filling.

6. Akara, MoiMoi or Beans and pap:

The last but never the least are the weekend specials. I don’t know who gave the rule, but it’s almost every Nigerian that takes this as breakfast during weekends. Sometimes the pap is replaced with bread. In other cases, moimoi is more preferred to Akara in some homes.

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