Different Types Of Students Now That ASUU Has Called Off Strike

ASUU has finally called off their 8-month-old strike and students are set to resume back to school. Hallelujah!!! Here are different kinds of students you’ll see when schools resume.

1. The oversabi scholars

These ones spent their 8 months preparing for resumption. They have completed the course outline for this academic session and the next. Expect them to remind the lecturer of the assignment that was given on February 11, 2022. Na dem!

2. The ballers

While ASUU was busy striking FG like thunder, these ones are busy making money. As per, dem no send anybody papa. Wait and see how they’d be dragging parking lots with the lecturers. “God abeg! I don’t wanna be a mechanic, I wanna be a baller!”

3. The mechanics

There’s absolutely no way we’ll talk about the ballers and not mention the mechanics. You’re on a long thing if you’re trying to look for the difference between them before the strike and now. By now, they would have contacted their garri plug, kuli kuli plug is on standby as well. No time to waste time.

4. The horny ones

It’s been 8 months nah, It’s time to enjoy that freedom they lacked under their Nigerian parent’s roof. Some have not even seen their boos since the strike started. Wo! These ones will finish all the condom and postinor 2 in the pharmacies to make up for the 8 months of celibacy.

5. The certified housemaids

They are one of the first categories of students that’ll resume to school. They’ve washed plates sotey, their palms haff turned green. ASUU has called off the strike now and their freedom has finally come! F for Fantabulous! 

6. The ones with expired rent

Many people are on this table. Some will even meet their belongings outside if their landlords get skuri for head. Imagine going to school after a whopping 8 months and your landlord will not still let you rest again. God abeg ooo!

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7.  TikTokers or content creators

Now that school has resumed, don’t be surprised if someone comes to you with a weird prank or challenge. Or worse, you can just wake up one day and find yourself on Obasanjo’s Internet. Once you sight anyone with a ring light, run for your dear life!!!

8. The ones that wish school never resumes 

Why can’t we just keep striking lawd!!! Where will I start from?!

9. Those whose brains have taken a U-turn

8 months na beans? Abeggiiii! After using 8 months to watch Big Brother Naija, listen to Asake and watch Alchemy of souls na to start from ABC again. They can’t even remember their matric number, so what are you saying?

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