Why The Producers Of ‘Alchemy Of Souls’ Should Do Fast And Release Season 2

Alchemy of Souls is a South Korean television series that premiered on June 18, 2022. It has been a public sensation following its release, especially in Nigeria. After seeing how the 20 episodes of season 1 went down, we are eager to see all the drama that comes with the next season.

Here are the things we missed and are looking forward to seeing in the next episodes.

1. We miss seeing Jang Uk and Mu-deok together.

What’s not to miss about this duo? Their petty fights, how much they care about each other, how jealous Jang Uk gets when Seo Yul is around or he’s talking to Mu-deok, and a lot more. Also, we can’t wait to see them married. Will their village people allow them to tie the knot?

2. How is Master Lee faring after being served breakfast?

Remember Maidservant Kim served him an anonymous breakfast and he couldn’t even hold back his tears. But how did he heal? Do you think he will keep wearing the pink scarf she gifted him? And Burna Boy said it ooo!

3. We want to see more of Naksu fight scenes.

Although it ended gruesomely, I’m sure I’m not the only one who craves to watch Mu-deok display her ‘Naksu’ skills.

4. I personally want to see this man (Jin Mu) petrify.

Maybe this will happen in season 2, maybe not, I sha want to see this man petrify without seeing any body to shift his soul into. The evil he has done is enough!

5. What will the fate of Seo Yul be?

Not only did Seo Yul lose his first love (a younger Naksu) but he got really sick towards the end of the first season and he needed a blood transfusion. So-I (the girl who pretended to be the Jin family’s lost daughter) passed a worm into his blood while she was sharing her blood with him and he has been feeling pain. What will be his fate? The director of the show should sha not kill him for me, I’m still saving up transport fare to travel to South Korea to look for him. Don’t ask me why.

6. How much more trouble will So-I cause?

From pickpocketing, to pretending to be blind and a lot more. Will she rest anytime soon? I doubt it.

7. How much more words ending with “su” do we get to hear?

Ryusu, Chisu, Tansu, Naksu! How much more?!

8. Did the Crown Prince (Go Won) later team up with Jin Mu to antagonize Songrim and its Mages?

The crown prince’s relationship with the Songrim mages and filthy Mu-deok wasn’t a bad one. However, towards the end, Jin Mu was trying everything to convince the Crown Prince to be his ally to deal with Songrim mages, especially Jank Uk as he has the King’s star – meaning he might become the King later on instead of the Crown Prince. Will Jin Mu get his mumu button and turn him into a beast like him? We are waiting to know.

9. Jin Cho Yeon and Park Dang-gu’s relationship drama.

Will Dang-gu move to Jinyowon (Jin Cho Yeon’s house) or will her wife move to Songrim (Dang-gu’s house) now that they are married? We want to know and we’re interested in all the drama that comes with it from each family side – her mother and Dang-gu’s uncle.

10. We miss the professional gossiper, Ju-Wol.

If anything will kill her in that show, it must be her mouth. She’s the CNN, BBC, NTA, AIT, and in fact, BCOS in one body.

11. Who will marry Master Heo’s daughter?

Lady Heo was first crushing on Jang Uk but Jang Uk said, “I dey enter your eyes abi? I dey enter your eyes? Close ham!”. Where do you want him to put Mu-deok after all? We can arrange one Enugu man for Lady Heo sha, if she doesn’t mind being cheated on.

12. Will Jang-Uk get punished for hiding Naksu’s (Mu-deok) true identity?

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Mu-deok went wild in the presence of the Songrim mages and even their leader. Jang Uk knew she was a soul shifter but still hid her identity. Now that the secret has leaked, how will Jang Uk be judged?

13. Finally, What will be the fate of Naksu?

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Will Naksu petrify? Will she go wild again and kill Jang Uk and more innocent people? Will she overpower Jin Mu and come for him later on? Will she use the power of the ice stone to prevent petrification? Will this be known in the second season? Producers!!! How many times did I call you? Please we need to know! Do fast!

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