The Headache That Comes With Studying Law In Nigeria

Whenever the noble professions in Nigeria are listed, it’s impossible to exclude law. For this reason,  most people believe that law is one of the best courses to study. However, choosing to study law is like deliberately using your hand to do yourself because behind every wig and gown, there are many struggles involved. A lot of people don’t even know that being a lawyer isn’t just by saying “objection my lord” or wearing white and black. Here are some of the struggles every Law student in Nigeria can relate to.

1. Intense struggle just to gain admission

If Jambites are not picking Medicine or Nursing, they are going for Law. They’ve heard that Law is one of the best courses and their African parents will also not let them rest until they become Lawyers. If only you know that Nigeria uni will most likely give you English Language or Political Science – that’s even if you’re lucky enough. Unless you get up to 280 in your Jamb sha or you have one uncle that’s a Lecturer in a public university, ehn ehn. Imagine someone who got 120 still having hope to study law in Unilag, joker!

2. Reading like your life depends on it

Aside from the sections of the constitution and weird acts and laws that you have to store in your brain, you have to remember so many cases that even happened before you were born. Ah God! Will all this knowledge even matter in heaven? As if that’s not enough, Law school struggles are still waiting for you with open arms. God abeg!

3. Hearing annoying statements left and right

From people shouting “The Law” when they see you, to your uncles and aunties saying that they are free to cause trouble because they have a Lawyer in their family. Hope you people sha have mosquito repellant in your blood because they don’t spray insecticides in Nigerian cells o. Some people will even say law students are proud and rude. Why are you beefing? 

4. People expect the most from you

Nearly every law student has had someone wondering why they’re chilling or going out. You mean after having a long stressful week, I can’t do anything other than being a Law student? The worse is people think we have money, so because I’m a law student dressed in black and white, I can’t eat at my favorite buka again? You must be kidding me. Mtchew!!!

5. Getting a decent job is close to impossible

You can be lucky enough to get a well-paying job as a Lawyer in this country but it’s not easy. After all the money spent on education and everything I went through mentally to be called to bar successfully, I deserve a good pay. Only to be seeing a firm that’s looking for a first-class student to be paying N50k salary. Is it for garri?! Is it for eba?!!  Is it for beans and dodo?!!! Money that can’t even buy your white shirt.

6. To japa is not beans

Unlike people of other professions who can easily source a job abroad, it’s not so easy for Lawyers to see jobs outside the country. You have to either write an exam to qualify or go to their Law school before getting a work permit. So you people think the Law school I went to here is a joke shey?

Las las, Lawyers are very important in our society and Law is still a very much noble profession. If you see a Law student, give him/her a huge hug and squeeze like N10k in his/her palm, because their eyes dey see shege. Taink youuuu!

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