How To Be A Stingy Boyfriend In This Nigeria Economy

1. Don’t ever ask a girl whether she’s fine or not, don’t ever try it.

She will tell you she is not fine and the rest will be history. It’s a trap, run!!!

2. If you mistakenly ask and she tells you she’s sad, don’t ask her why she’s sad.

This is another trap you don’t want to fall into. Don’t worry, she will be fine. Again, run!!!!

3. Tell any girl that bills you that your bank forbids you from doing transfers.

In fact, your phone can blow if you attempt to.

4. When you go on a date, order your food only and tell her not to order if she doesn’t have any money to pay.

No food for lazy woman, shikena! When any woman asks you for money, tell her to give you 1001 reasons why it’s your responsibility to do so!

5. When any woman asks you for money, tell her to give you 1001 reasons why it’s your responsibility to do so!

Maybe you are her father and you don’t know, it’s time to find out.

6. If you eventually give any girl your money, always record it so you can collect it back when you’re no longer cool.

If Quavo did it, why can’t you?

7. Don’t allow any girl to sleep over unless she came with her foodstuff.

Most of these girls who claim to be foodies are gluttons in disguise, they just want to finish your food and leave your kitchen empty before they go.

8. Buy only shirts any girl won’t like.

Before your shirts start disappearing miraculously from your wardrobe whenever any girl visits you.

9. If she insists on wearing your shirt, wear her wig too

2 geh 4. 50/50 life na dice!

10. Don’t propose a date, unless it’s happening in your house and you will both eat your foodstuff or just be looking at each other throughout the date.

All those money you’d spend out there is just very unnecessary. Don’t you think so?

11. Just stay single!

What’s the essence of being in a relationship when you will have to be sharing your money with someone? Isn’t it better to stay single and be enjoying everything by yourself?

12. Worried about konji? You can always tell konji you don’t have a woman in your life because you are trying to live on a budget.

Konji should respect your choice and desist from attacking you from time to time. Celibacy or nothing.