6 Ways To Spend Valentine’s Day If You Are Single

As we’re counting down to lover’s day, we need to remind you that certain things are inevitable, one of which is the fact that single pringles will hear weeenn by the time relationship people start stepping on their necks with their PDAs – romantic dates, gifts exchange and some other things that won’t matter in heaven that couples indulge in on that day.

Deep down, we ultimately believe in the saying that “Na single you single, you no kill pesin”, therefore, you deserve a share of the love that is flying around on that special day. Being a single person, your Valentine’s day can be as special and as memorable as that of love birds. Here are 7 ways you can achieve this.

1. Self-care

You’ve probably been too busy lately that you haven’t taken a day off for self-care. Valentine’s day is a special day to manifest that “me-time” energy. Go to the spa, do your facials, have a full body massage, or any other thing to relax your muscles and feel refreshed.

2. Self-Gifting

Undoubtedly, there’s so much joy in self-gifting and you need to exude that energy on Val’s day whether or not you’re expecting a gift from someone. It’s a significant and underrated aspect of self-love.

3. Go on a friendship date

Romantic love is good but sharing friendship love could make your Val’s day memorable too. Go on a friendship date and appreciate how far you have come as friends.

4. Go on a family date

Having a family date on Val’s day is underrated. If you’re the type who don’t live in close proximity with your fam, organizing a date together would be thoughtful as it would spark joy and strengthen your relationship.

5. Throw a party for single people

Organizing a fun event for single people isn’t a bad idea. Not only will you have fun to the fullest, you can also meet the Yin to your Yang at the event.

6. Watch movies

Image Credit: Anita Pawlik Via Unsplash

A solo movie date is a good idea to keep you occupied and have fun on Val’s day. You can also decide to binge-watch your favorite show at home.

You can do one, or more of these to celebrate your Valentine’s day. If you’d have to go to work on that day since it’s on a weekday, you can choose a day on the weekend before or after to enjoy yourself and celebrate self-love. You deserve it!!!

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