6 Tush Alternatives To The Notorious 2024 Slang ‘No Gree For Anybody’

Earlier today, the Force Public Relations Officer (FPRO), Prince Olumuyiwa Adejobi, tweeted to emphasize a previous statement, urging Nigerian citizens to refrain from abusing the 2024 slogan “no gree for anybody,” especially when interacting with security operatives.

See tweet:

Just like me, I know you definitely don’t want to have any reasons to be thrown at the back of a Black Maria, with a strong police baton landing on your body at intervals in 2024. Men mount, but you absolutely don’t want to have any business dealing with the Nigerian Police. So instead of saying “no gree for anybody,” which could put you in trouble with the police or anyone else, how about employing these tush alternatives?

Disclaimer: You are about to sound Bri’ish!

1. “Not bowing to anyone, no matter what the circumstances are.”

Tell your boss this on a Monday morning so they can know how to behave throughout the week.

2. “Yielding to none”

This might sound too serious, but remember the goal is to sound as Bri’ish as possible. Any human will take you seriously the moment you let them know this is your 2024 slogan.

3. “Nope, not today!”

This one is for your African parents. When your African mum sends you on an errand, just say “Nope, not today!” Instead of her picking up her slippers to throw at you, she will be busy trying to process that tush English you just spoke. If you’d said “mummy, I no dey gree for anyone this year,” you don buy market that day be that o!

4. “Unregretfully, I must decline!”

Saying ‘hell’ to the ‘no’ to everybody without any remorse is the best way to not gree for anyone this year. But hey, do it in a tushhh way!

5. “Gotta pass, fam”

Tell me you are a Bri’ish gangster without telling me you are a Bri’ish gangster. This one self will make anybody fear you. You wouldn’t realize how local “I no dey gree for anybody this year” sounds until you start saying “Gotta pass, fam!” Innit?!

6. “Standing firm against everybody”

Since FPRO has said we shouldn’t abuse the 2024 slang, how about you try this instead, especially when dealing with the police? Oh, you are scared of Black Maria and police baton? Or is it the koboko? Or the watery beans you’ll be eating when you land in the cell? All those things na smallzzz in the Bri’ish world.

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