7 Ways To Prove To Your New Co-Workers That You Are A Big Fish

There are lots of disrespect that comes with people not knowing how much of a big deal you are, so sometimes, it’s okay to remind them that you’re not a small fish! Here are 7 ways you can easily prove that if you find yourself in a new work environment.

1. Show up like you’re going for fashion parade throughout the first week of your arrival

If it’s going to be suit, make sure it’s well ironed. Just show up in a way that would turn heads. Haterz are gonna hate but you can’t be looking cheap on your first week at work.

2. Don’t make friends or entertain anyone trying to be friends with you

Just good morning – good morning, end of discussion! Na too much familiarity dey cause unnecessary disrespect.

3. Interrupt your boss when talking

You know this is something your co-workers can’t do but since you are new and you want to show them that you’ve arrived, tell your boss you don’t agree to the last statement he made and watch how others worship you after then.

4. Let them know you didn’t come to work because of the money since you already have more than enough 

How much is money? Let them know you just came to flex your legs so it won’t look as if you’re staying at home when your neighbors are going to work. Again, how much is money?

5. Keep ordering meals throughout your first week at work

Home-cooked food is cheaper but how would they see you differently if you don’t choose to do something differently? Order ofada rice with chicken in the morning, sharwama as post-breakfast snacks, porridge and turkey as lunch, large pizza as post lunch and Amala and ewedu as take-home.

6. Don’t join your co-worker in gossiping about anyone

Ain’t nobody ghat time for that! Stay classic! Stay focused!

7. Tush your accent

Speak Bri’ish English today and American English tomorrow, confuse them!

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