8 Things You Will Relate To If You Get Broke Before Salary Week

“Sapa nice one”, a statement you will typically hear from someone whose account balance has turned red, yet still have to survive the remaining days of the month before collecting salary. If this has ever been your situation at any point in life, here are 8 things you will most likely relate to.

1. When it’s just second week of the month but your account balance has turned red.

Jehovah have mercy!!! 

2. The moment you start to analyze how you spent the money because there’s absolutely no way this could be happening to you right now

Did I play baba Ijebu without my consent?

3. Then you start feeling reluctant to go to work because what’s the gain sef?

After all, some people are getting paid just for sleeping.

4. You begin to wonder why you’re even doing a 9-5 in the first place.

What if God created me to be a Davido?!

5. When you arrive work and every human being there starts to piss you off.

Including that your big-headed oga. Y’all better thank your stars I don’t possess a gun.

6. You decide to keep your cool because the last thing you want to set your eyes on that month is a sack letter.

It’s not me you’ll send back to the village.

7. You, when anyone that may likely beg you for money calls you.

With all due respect, I’m currently deaf and dumb!

8. Your mood when your salary week finally comes again.

Congratulations for surviving the sapandenmic.

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