7 Annoying Things Those Using Glasses Can Relate To

Different people use glasses for different reasons, some are recommended while some are shakomended (just for fashion). For whatever purpose you are using glasses, there are certain things you’ve got to deal with in this Bubu’s country. From people making insensitive remarks to them asking irrelevant questions; “are you blind without your glasses?”

Let’s talk about some of the real-life struggles most people who have to use recommended glasses deal with.

1. When you wake up and your first concern is to find your glasses

What can be done without them? N for Nothing!

2. When it’s time to go out but you can’t use your favorite sunglasses because how will you see?

While you love the idea of using sunglasses for fashion, you avoid them because you can’t see without your recommended glasses. God, why me?!

3. Doing make-up might just be a waste of time

After sitting for over an hour for face beat, only to finish and put on your glasses and everything gets smeared. Ah Wahala! Currency wasted! Unless you’re extra careful sha or your make-up is simple.

4. When people start making insensitive remarks

You’d start hearing things like ,”four eyes”. All this disrespect because I’m using glasses? Some even go as far as asking you if you can see anything without your glasses. Yes! Your big head is visible!

5. Trying to choose a new frame is a lot of exercise 

The last thing you want to do to yourself is looking funny in your recommended glasses, I mean, this is something you have to use every day, you definitely don’t want to look like a joke. So you better pick the perfect frame.

6. When you are cooking but can’t see because your lenses are foggy

Oh you think you can turn amala in peace or cook stew without your glasses looking smoggy? Ko possible! You’ll be forced to either keep cleaning the glasses or just take it off and cook with your blurry eyes. It’s tiring!

7. People expect you to be a bookworm

Is this playing? Who even came up with that theory sef?  Bookworm my foot! I‘m just trying to see in peace, plzzzzzz.

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