5 Reasons Why You Should Add Avocado To Your Diet

An Avocado is a bright green fruit with leathery skin which when cut open into two halves, has a large seed inside. The inside has a rich, creamy texture with mild flavor. Avocados are also known as butter fruit because they can be eaten as a whole meal or as a spread—in place of mayonnaise or butter—with other food items like bread, yam or salads. Avocados contain loads of nutrients that are remarkably beneficial to our physical and overall health. Here are five reasons why you should add avocado to your diet;

1. They are good for skin care.

Avocados contain antioxidants and hydrating vitamin E. These make them a very essential material in the skincare products of people with dry and sensitive skin. Antioxidants are well-known for fighting the appearance of dark spots on the skin while hydrating vitamin E intensely moisturizes the skin.

2. They can help decrease symptoms of pre menstrual syndrome and also increase sexual drive.

This versatile fruit contains vitamin B6. Some studies have shown that vitamin B6 can help decrease symptoms of pre menstrual syndrome (PMS) such as irritability, bloating and tiredness. The vitamin also helps increase libido and sex drive.

3. They contain nutrients that can help protect the heart and also aid blood circulation.

Avocados are loaded with minerals and unsaturated fats. This protects the heart and helps with proper blood circulation round the body.

4. They aid eye health.

The fruit contains certain vitamins which may help keep the eyes healthy. People tend to be on their phone or laptop for long periods of time, so they need all the eye nutrient they can get – Avocado is one of your best bets.

5. They can help with weight loss.

Avocados are highly rich in fiber. Food with more fiber tend to be filling for a long period of time which helps reduce food intake. This makes the fruit a good choice for people looking to lose some weight as it helps keep their diet in check. 

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