5 Tips For Growing A Long-Healthy Hair As An African

Texturism is a very common thing nowadays – most Africans have type 4 hair (curly hair strands) and some people have the false belief that this group of people can’t achieve a long-healthy hair growth. However, this is a misconception as type 4 hair can grow healthily both in length and volume. To accomplish this, here are 5 important tips that would help.

1. Know and love your hair

Knowing your type of hair and loving it is the first key step to growing healthy hair. With this, you are willing to spend money, time, and energy on achieving your hair goals. Be open-minded and consistent as that is the only way you can only attain long and healthy natural hair.

2. Invest in good hair care products

Hair product
Image credit: Camille Brodard/ Via Unsplash

It is necessary to check the ingredients of your hair products before buying them. Chemicals like sulfate, paraben, mineral oil and petroleum jelly are harmful to your hair’s health. Yet, these chemicals are very common in most products, causing more harm than good to the development of the hair. Ensure that the products you are getting for your hair contain essential oils (coconut oil, argan oil, tea tree oil, rosemary oil, etc.) and vitamins (vitamins A, B, C, D & E) as they contribute to the growth and strengthening of your hair.

3. Desist from putting food in your hair

Some DIYs practices are usually talked about when discussing hair growth, however, it’s not advisable to put food in your hair. Some YouTubers narrate how foods like eggs, potatoes, onions, or rice water grew their hair in 3 days, thereby recommending it. We would advise that you desist from using these foods in your hair as it only results in the accumulation of dirt and bad odor on the scalp. An average human hair grows half an inch weekly, some people grow more and some grow less. It’s better to consume this food directly and let it go through the digestive system as the hair can’t digest food. Instead of using food, get a protein treatment formulated by specialists and use it on your hair.

4. Keep your hair moisturized

Moisturize your hair with water and a leave-in conditioner whenever it feels dry. After moisturizing, seal in the moisture with oil or hair butter. This will reduce hair breakage and ensure length retention. Note that water is the best moisturizer. Drinking enough water also helps in growing a long-healthy hair.

5. Invest in protective styles

Image Credit: Jessica Felicio/Via Unsplash

Protective styles are hairstyles that protect your hair – they include braids, cornrows, twist-outs, and African threading, among others. These styles can be done with or without extensions. You must also note that these hairs shouldn’t be super tight because then they won’t be protective but destructive.

There are several beautiful African men and women with long natural hair, they are the perfect proof that black hair grows, healthily. 

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