5 Beneficial Effects Of Air Frying Over Oil Frying 

The invention of air fryers has drastically lowered some harmful effects that oil frying has been said to cause. Although the air fryer is quite similar to a convection oven, the size makes the difference. The small size of the air fryer allows quick circulation of the air which results in less cooking time unlike the convection oven. An air fryer doesn’t actually fry food, instead it circulates hot air which is enough to cook the food placed inside. It air fries certain food with little to no oil.

Here are some benefits that air frying holds to oil frying.

1. It helps with weight management

We all know how oil frying or deep frying works, the food is placed into hot oil to fry. Air frying requires little to no oil unlike oil frying, it helps us to cut 70% – 80% calories. Eating too much fried food isn’t a good weight management plan. Air frying helps you  cut back on the calories while the food maintain the same taste and  appearance, using an air fryer. Oily food has also been known to cause pimples in some people. With air frying, you can have a healthier skin while you still continue your chicken and fries intake.

2. The use of an air fryer provides more safety than oil frying

We’ve all been in that situation where we throw the food into the simmering pan of oil and rush to a safe corner in the kitch in. Deep frying or not, cooking with oil is something we all don’t fancy at all. The air fryer is a safe method which prevents oil spillage or splashing. There is no risk imposed when using it.

3. It reduces the risk of certain health conditions

Reusing oil over and over again isn’t part of any recipe in a healthy cooking book. The number of times oil can be reused safely depends on the type of oil, what temperature it was heated on, how long it was heated for, and the food that was fried. Most people don’t have the time to note these things and we all don’t want to trash our remaining oil after use. This is another tangible reason why you should choose a type of cooking that doesn’t require reusing your oil. Air frying removes the harmful effects of reusing oil. The harmful effects include increasing cholesterol level, increasing blood pressure, diabetes, hypertension, cardiac problems and so on.

4. Air frying reduces the amount of acrylamide

Acrylamide is a chemical substance which causes cancer when taken in high dosage. It can be found in some carbohydrate-rich foods like french fries and potato chips when exposed to high heat. Air fryers can reduce the formation of acrylamide by up to 90% which puts users at a safer end. Bonus: You should always ensure that your starchy foods are cooked to a golden yellow or a lighter colour.

5. Air frying is a safer way of reheating food

It looks and sounds absurd when someone wants to reheat fried foods by frying again. Imagine having to subject your food to more oil. Isn’t it better to eat the food cold considering the health implications? The food absorbs more oil and may just end up being crispy afterwards. Without oil, you can reheat your food safely in an air fryer at low heat. Your crispy food remains crispy and your fried foods don’t come out greasy. 

In conclusion, we obviously can’t stay away from our fried foods, but we can make them as healthy as possible. Since you will be saving money for oil, it makes it easier to get healthy oil for cooking where oil is required.

You should also note that wet batter (wet coatings) can’t be placed inside the air fryer, but you can put food coated in thick batter inside. You also can’t boil water or food inside it.

Ensure you research how to use the air fryer correctly so it doesn’t pose any threat to your health.

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