Top 3 Nigerian Tribes with the Hottest Styles


Nigeria is known for its rich cultural heritage, and one of the most prominent expressions is through traditional dressing, showcased at weddings, festivals, and everyday outings. While every tribe in Nigeria has its unique and wonderful style of dressing, the Yoruba, Itsekiri, and Edo tribes especially stand out for their hot, stylish, and spectacular outfits.

In this post, we will be taking a look at each of these tribes one by one and finding out just what makes their style so unique. Let’s dive right in with the Yoruba tribe.

The Yourba Tribe

Famous for its elaborate and colorful traditional attire, the Yoruba Tribe have their men usually wearing a buba and sokoto, made from aso oke or other traditional fabrics.

Yoruba Male Dressing | Pinterest

The women, on the other hand, wear a wrapper or iro and a blouse, also known as a buba, paired with a gele (headwrap), and topped off with an ipele (shawl), along with other accessories such as beads and earrings.

Yoruba Female Dressing | Pinterest

Aso oke, adire, and Ankara are popular fabrics used in Yoruba traditional dressing. The Yoruba dressing style is elegant, classy, and simply hot.

The Itsekiri Tribe

Next, let’s look into the Itsekiri Tribe. This fascinating tribe is located in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria and is known for its unique dressing style influenced by its proximity to the coast.

Men traditionally wear loose-fitting shirts and trousers made from local fabrics such as Ankara, lace, or George, paired with a hat and walking stick.

An Itsekiri Groom with His Groomsmen |

Women wear a wrapper or blouse, also made from local fabrics, and accessorize with beads and earrings.

Omawumi in Traditional Itsekiri Attire | Pinterest

The Itsekiri dressing style is vibrant, colorful, and stunning.

The Edo Tribe

Last, but most definitely not the least, we talk about the Edo Tribe. The Edo tribe is known for its unique coral beads and woven clothing.

Men traditionally wear a wrapper made from woven cotton fabric, paired with a short-sleeved shirt, a beaded necklace, and a hat.

Edo Groom Attire |

Women wear a wrapper made from woven cotton fabric, paired with a blouse or buba, and accessorize with coral beads, earrings, and bracelets.

Edo Women in Traditional Attire | swift

The use of red coral beads is particularly prominent in Edo traditional dressing and is a symbol of wealth and status. The Edo dressing style is bold, regal, and just stylish.

Nigeria is a country of diverse tribes and cultures, each with its unique and stylish dressing style. The Yoruba, Itsekiri, and Edo tribes are just a few examples of the many tribes with an admirable dressing style.

One particular thing all Nigerian tribes have in common with dressing is that they stay true to their traditions and always still come out unique and fabulous at the end of the day, with their cultural accessories, ceremonies, and dances that just complement the dresses and always guarantee them dazzling anywhere they go.

If you want to add a touch of hotness to your wardrobe, or just try out something new, then consider adding some traditional Nigerian outfits to your collection. Trust us, you won’t regret it!

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