Are You Wearing The Right Bra For Your Breast Shape?

Have you ever worn a bra and felt it was made just for you because the fitting was too perfect to be true? The battle of getting an affordable bra that fits properly without biting into our skin is real. One of the benefits of getting a good bra is that it gives you a good posture without pain on the shoulder or the back.

It’s really surprising to know there are different breast shapes, right! How do you know your breast shape and what bra to wear in accordance? Read on.

1. Round breast


The round breast is full at the top and the bottom. They can be assymetrical with one being rounder than the other. If you have round breast, you can wear something comfy to give your boobs a little support. A wireless bra provides round boobs the support they need without trying to shape the boobs, or a balconette bra which was designed for round boobs.

2. Teardrop Breast

The teardrop or bell breast is slimmer at the top and fuller at the bottom unlike the round breast. It is often confused with saggy breast, but unlike saggy breast whose nipples point downwards with loose skin, teardrop breast nipples point forward with firm skin. A balconette bra or full coverage bra will help to push the tissue at the bottom to the top and enhance the appearance of the boobs.

3. East-West Breast

The east west breast are widely spaced from themselves with both nipples pointing outwards in opposite directions. They need a full coverage bra to bring them up and together. A push up bra can help to gather them and push them up the chest to give more shape to the boobs.

4. Side-Set Breast

The side-set breast has a lesser space in between than the east-west breast. They sit at the sides of the chest with the nipples pointing to the front unlike the east west breast that faces the sides. They are also fuller in shape. A front closure bra will help to bring the breast together to the front and they can easily be worn and removed.

5. Assymetrical breast

You should note that every lady’s boobs are not equal, there’s a difference in size although it might not be obvious. The Assymetrical boobs beautifully shows the difference between one side of the breast from the other either in size, shape, nipple placement or the general look. To make your boobs even, you can wear a stretch cup bra that accommodates all breast sizes even if they’re different or you can wear a push up bra with removable pad.

When you have a favourite bra, it’s not advisable to keep wearing it consecutively as the elasticity will be reduced. You can get another one of that type to balance it out. After knowing your breast shape and you have to pick a new bra, it is better to identify problems like loose straps and gaping cups to know if you have to get a larger or smaller cup size.

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