7 Crop Top Styling Ideas That Will Turn Heads

Crop tops are a more fashionable model of our normal tops. They can be made with different clothing materials, including ankara material to beautifully show the African culture or even trendy lace materials. Whichever one you have, you should know that they can be a casual and elegant design without any age limit as there is no age limit to owning a crop top.

We can’t watch you struggle pairing these beauties with other outfits, so let’s show you 7 crop top styling ideas you must try.

1. Crop top with boyfriend jeans

If you are a fan of boyfriend jeans, and you haven’t paired it with a crop top, then you’re missing out. This outfit gives a fashionable look without you overdoing it. If you want an outfit that your skin can breathe in, a tight or loose crop top with a pair of boyfriend jeans will do.This style also goes well when worn with a pair of white sneakers.

2. Crop top with a maxi/ long skirt

Gone are the days when long skirts were thought to be old-school. Nowadays, it’s much more admired. Do you have a boring long skirt? You can pair your long or maxi skirt with a crop top to liven the look. You can also add some fancy accessories with heeled shoes to get a more elegant look.

3. Crop top with a jacket

If you’re in love with sleeveless crop tops but you’re not a fan of showing off too much skin, here’s a solution. A fitted crop top is one of the best clothing you can pair with a jacket. You can try a leather jacket for a badass look or a denim jacket for a cool and stylish look. Longer jackets will never go wrong too.

4. Crop top with a pencil skirt

Who says crop tops can’t be worn professionally? A crop top paired with a pencil skirt is one of the few boss-lady looks you can effortlessly pull off. If you’re aiming for a more professional look with a crop top, pair it with a nice pencil skirt or pant. Even if your workplace is boring, your outfits shouldn’t be. Twist the plot with a crop top!

5. Cropped shirt

Are you just starting out your crop top journey and you need something you’re used to? You can tie your flannel shirt into a knot at the front to rock a simple cropped shirt look. If you prefer a T-shirt, just tuck the ends of your T-shirt into the bottom of your bra or you can cut it off to whatever length you want. Voila! You have a cropped shirt.

6. Crop top with pants

Cargo pants, office pants, or any type of pants can be properly paired with a nice crop top. Cargo pant is a pure beauty on its own, imagine the masterpiece you will create when you pair it with your crop top. When paired with office pants, crop tops can give a more sophisticated and professional look.

7. Crop top with high waisted jeans

Your high waisted trousers weren’t made for long tees only, they also need a short top to bring out their pure beauty. This is almost everybody’s go-to clothing to pair a crop top with. And it hasn’t lost its beauty over the years. High waisted jeans are perfect with any crop top of your choice.

Crop tops are now a “must get” piece of clothing that every female needs to have due to their versatility. They give you the much needed confidence and can be paired with almost any outfit. When choosing a crop top to buy, look closely at the material used, the size, and the design just to ensure you got the right one.

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