8 Types Of Shoes You Must Have As A Lady

Certainly, your shoes can make or break your outfit so it is essential to avoid wearing off-course shoes to complement an outfit. The popular saying that “good shoes take you to good places”, is the reason why you need to up your shoe game, especially as a lady.

Here are 8 shoes you definitely need to own to complement that fire outfit from time-to-time! 

1. Sneakers

A pair of white or black sneakers has the magical ability of completing any casual look. They provide comfortability and are very versatile. They also foot problems while supporting your feet no matter the work you’re doing. The purpose of this show is boundless.

2. Heels

A perfect neutral heels that you can pair with any English, or native outfits is essential. Heels will make you look tall, elegant, and give the appearance of smooth and longer legs in a short gown. It also enhances those curves to pop out more while improving your posture. Heels always come in handy when you have to rush out for an owambe or other important events. Always get quality ones that you can walk comfortably in without slipping.

3. Knee-High Boots

These give a sleek, classy, and tall look. High boots were originally made to protect the feet of fishermen from mud, water, etc but it has now become a fashionable item. This pair of modern boots give a stylish sexy look that demands attention wherever you walk. Not to forget the confidence it gives you as a lady. The knee-high boots either come with heels or without. You totally should get one in any of it forms.

4. Wedges

Wedges can be likened to flat shoes as they distribute your weight evenly throughout the sole – it’s safe to call them elevated flat shoes. If you aren’t a fan of heels because you tend to slip or for any other reasons, this one’s for you. It is properly balanced and stable while still giving you the much-needed height and elegant look.

5. Slide Sandals

The slide sandals are one of the most popular shoes people wear. They are easy to wear, yet fashionable. They come in different designs and colors. They are an important possession as we won’t need to wear sneakers or heels to get something nearby, they always come to the rescue. slide sandals were made to be comfortable, affordable while enabling the foot breathe in hot weather. When you’re going to the beach or swimming pool, just take this along and thank me later.

6. Mules

Mules are slip-on shoes without a back. They were only worn indoor as bedroom slippers in ancient times. These shoes are soft and comfortable and they can be easily worn in the house or for an outing. Just like the slide sandal, you can also get enough air on your feet when wearing this shoe outside.

7. Ballet Flats

Ballet flats are one of the most comfortable shoes out there because they feel like you’re barefoot due to their flexibility. They take the exact shape of your foot and you can do whatever activity you want in them. It’s advisable to buy your exact size to avoid inconveniences when putting on this shoe.

8. Loafers

These are flat shoes that are easy to put on and get off. They cover the front, back, and sides of your feet while leaving a wider part of the top open. If matched with the proper outfit, they can add a touch of professionalism. They are affordable and come in different styles. They give an elegant touch to any outfit you pair them with.

In conclusion, pairing a nice pair of shoes with a gorgeous outfit would help emanate that sexily confident aura. While trying to upgrade your wardrobe, don’t leave your shoe rack out of it, especially if you don’t have any of the aforementioned shoes yet.

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