5 Protective Hairstyles You Should Try Out This Year

Protective styling is well embraced by the black community, many people are now aware of their beautiful black hair and they want to maintain and protect it. Protective styles are some of the styles we see around with the ends of the hair tucked in. They protect the hair from environmental conditions by covering them.

Here are 5 protective styles you should try out this year no matter what hair type you have.

1. Wigs

Wigs are the best protective style because your natural hair now requires low manipulation. No need to straighten, colour or style your natural hair. It gives you full artificial hair that you can style or colour as you desire. It has all these benefits for you while managing to completely protect your scalp and natural hair even to the roots. The main beauty of wigs is that you can go with any style, length or colour. They can last for years depending on the hair type and how you maintain it.

2. Crochet Braids

These are ready made braids that are installed to your natural hair with a crochet pin. The crochet braids gives a more natural look while allowing air blow across your scalp unlike the wig. Let’s not forget that they are less expensive, easy to install, and comfortable. They also ensure your natural hair is properly tucked into the braids and they come in all styles, lengths and sizes. You can decide to style your natural hair and install these braids to the tip or just install them from the roots. The best part is that you can install them yourself, hence, saving your money.

3. Cornrows

We have come to appreciate the beautiful styles that can be done as simple cornrows, especially with just the natural hair. They can also be done on various hair lengths in a way that looks presentable. They protect your hair from breakage like a protective style would. Some people also decide to make cornrows with various colours of extensions. Adding extensions give a more fashionable and beautiful look to your cornrows.

4. Knotless / Box Braids

This is the most popular protective styling everywhere. It is achieved by cutting the hair into squares or rectangles. The ‘boxy’ hairstyle has been popular before the 90’s and is still much in use today. The knotless braids, which is almost similar gained attention in the 2000’s and it’s now one of the most trending hairstyles. It’s advisable to go for the knotless braid If you want a less painful and more natural hair. Knotless braids can last for weeks, however, If you want something that lasts longer than the knotless, go for box braids. Box braids ensure your natural hair isn’t exposed at the roots and is less susceptible to frizz (a small tight curls around hair edges).

5. Twists

This is the number one protective style for the virgin hair geng. Immediately after washing, they throw their hair into simple twist to air dry. Twists give a beautiful look to all hair types while ensuring the hair isn’t stressed. Yes, they aren’t only for natural hair. If you have relaxed hair, you can try out small twists with just your hair instead of the weaving you do after removing a style. Extensions can be added also to give knotless twists or the regular twists or even the Senegalese twist.

In conclusion, protective styles are “must do” hairstyles whether you are on natural or relaxed hair. They save you from your day to day hair routine and prevent your hair from breakage.

What protective hairstyle are you doing next or what style do you have on right now? (Scroll down to leave a comment).

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