5 Useful Tips For Relieving Menstrual Cramps

It’s that time of the month yet again and the sugar cravings and mood swings have intensified. Growing up as a black lady, sugar was labelled an “abomination” when we’re on our periods. Changes in your hormones can cause a drop in your sugar level which leads to those crazy sugar desires. However, it is important to be careful not to take excess sugar when you’re near or on your period as it can cause inflammation, thereby contracting all the muscle which increases blood flow and causes cramping. Also, it is totally normal to crave junks during your period. However, it is advisable to stay away from refined sugar and processed foods. 

Cramping during menstruation is normal for ladies on their period, but the level of pain differs for each person. Here are 5 ways to get relieved from menstrual cramps.

1. Improve your diet

Try to go on a “No junk diet” when on your period. Food that decreases inflammation can help reduce contractions that causes cramping. You now know sugar is a no-go-area when on your period if you don’t want to experience pain from cramping. Plant based foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts have been said to reduce inflammation. So it’s better to go on a plant based diet when on your period. Additionally, avoid fatty foods and animal products.

2. Massage your lower abdomen with essential oil

Essential oils are gotten from plants and can be used as a form of aromatherapy massage. Massaging your lower abdomen (pelvic area) with any essential oil of your choice has been found to be a great relief for menstrual cramps. To use any essential oil, it is best if it’s diluted with any carrier oil of your choice. Use 1-2 drops of essential oil for 1 tablespoon of carrier oil and massage into the affected area. 

3. Use heating pads

This is the most common relief for menstrual cramps – application of heat from anything (as long as it is safe). It could be a hot towel or a heating pad to be more discrete. When heat is applied to any part of the body, it automatically increases blood flow to that part which relaxes the muscle there. The heating pad can be used on your lower abdomen or your lower back. If you’re at home, you can soak yourself in a warm bath to calm your body down also.

4. Avoid Stress

In contrast to the aforementioned tips, stress from school, work, etc. can lead to an early period and intense cramping and reducing it can help relieving it. It’s advantageous If you can try to reduce stress a few days before and during your period. Carrying out certain exercises can also help relief stress.

5. Try out relaxing exercises

One of the ways to loosen muscles and reduce stress is through exercising. It also helps to reduce bloating which is common when menstruating. Some yoga stretches and aerobic exercises are good ideas to help with your cramps.

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Most people rely on the intake of pain killer medicines till they’re done with their period, and it works for them. If you want a more natural pain-killer, you can use any of these tips depending on which works best for you.

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