The Pros And Cons Of Dating In Lagos

Lagos is a wild place when it comes to finding love! Some Lagosians know so well to guard their hearts with armor when dealing with anything love-related in that city.

Imagine this scenario; You decided to hang out at a cool spot on a hot Sunday because work has robbed you of your me-time during the week. You sight a tall dark glass of wine winking at you from the other table and because your love life has been a wreck, you focus on your cold drink – Satan go! One way or the other, this broda found his way to your table and subsequently into your head. Just by listening to him, you started imagining what your kids would look like together. Three months into your relationship, you discovered that this broda is very married with kids, seemingly, you have been in a very serious relationship that can lead to marriage with yourself. If you are a hardcore follower of @rantandtalkz, you’d know being served this kind of hot breakfast is not even news.

On the other hand, Lagos could also be the perfect place to find love and enjoy your love life – so many people can testify to this. However, nowadays the cons of finding love in Lagos have now outweighed the pros. People are out there toying with others’ hearts just to get what they want. In case you are unaware, we’ll tell you some of the pros and cons of dating in Lagos.


1. There are so many nice places to hang out with the love of your life. 

Banky W knew the fun in Lagos is to die for before he entered the studio to record Lagos Party. From nice restaurants to entertaining resort locations and hotels, you can never get tired of the fun. Just have your money and enjoy with your bae.

2. Your partner could be your actual soulmate.

While some people’s love life in Lagos is like a scene in a horror movie, others are thriving in their healthy relationships. In fact, people are busy tying the knot every weekend. Lagos is big enough, not everyone inhabiting the city is the same character-wise, you can meet the bone of your bone there. So keep watering your healthy relationships and watch it grow into something alluring.


1. Relationship in Lagos is expensive.

It’s possible but quite difficult to date in Lagos if you are super broke. From the expensive Uber rides to the overpriced restaurants and hotels, if care is not taken, you can go bankrupt all in the name of doing love love. I wonder how some men even cheat in Lagos. “No money, No love”, that’s Lagos relationship slogan. So be ready to spend that money bay-bay!

2. You might unknowingly be in a serious relationship with yourself.

The person you are taking seriously might not be taking you seriously. They are probably in your life to enjoy the chemistry while it lasts, and then break your heart into several pieces. For some people, the red flags are flying but they think it’s carnival. Issokay!

3. Your boyfriend might be a little bit married – just a little bit.

Imagine your assumed serious boyfriend telling you that he and his wife are just friends, and his children are just his little nieces and nephews. Don’t be surprised if one woman ambushes you one day, claiming you want to ruin her home. It’s called Lagos living!

4. Your girlfriend is probably in four serious relationships.

Relationship is like business for some girls, they are ready to go as far as opening different branches wherever they believe their business would boom. If one is taking care of house bills, another is paying for hair and buying clothes, and so on. That’s your serious girlfriend right there! Ouch!

5. STDs are flying everywhere.

You could as well catch small gonorrhea with a sprinkle of syphilis if care is not taken. Don’t forget your serious partner could be another person’s serious boyfriend/girlfriend. Ma dira ooo!

6. Lagos traffic can ruin your love life.

Living on the Island and dating someone far away on the mainland is like signing each other up for an extreme sport. There are days that you’d miss your partner but can’t even see them despite living in the same city, all because you’re not willing to spend 6 hours in traffic like you did the last time. How weird does it sound to tell the love of your life that you have to break up because of Lagos traffic? How weird?!

7. Your boo most likely has another boo.

Harrysong has already said that “even your boo get a boo”. One pesin boyfriend/girlfriend na another pesin friends with benefits. Do what you want with that information.

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