8 Statements Single Girls Are Tired Of Hearing From Married Men

See let me tell you, some married men are wilding – that is even an understatement. Abi why else would you leave home after hugging your kids and giving your wife that precious forehead kisses she is always longing for, only to come and meet me, a single pringle, and be telling me I’m the cockroach in your cupboard? How???!!!!! Here are 10 things we single pringles are very tayad of hearing, we know they are lies and you have cast, so shhhhh!!!!

1. “I wish I’d met you before I met my wife”

The same woman you just did your 10th year anniversary with and also wrote about how she has been your peace. Mr. Bayo, I can vex and beg God to give that your bald head a dirty slap!

2. “My wife is always nagging”

What are you doing to her that is making her nag? And who told you I don’t nag too? I’m the CEO of nagging, so try something else cos I’m not buying this.

3. “I want you to have my baby”

Leemmaaooo! This one is looking for who to turn to baby mama in broad daylight. Mr. Dipo, if you don’t geddifok!

4. “You are more beautiful than my wife”

Ahhh Uncle John! I have seen your wife before and she looks like a former beauty Queen? It’s lie that’ll kee you.

5. “My wife is not pleasuring me sexually”

So do I look like a Pornstar? Abi I’m a sex therapist that will help you teach her. Wait! Where is your wedding counselor sef? Mr. Benson, stop stressing my life o.

6. “I want to marry you but my wife must not know”

Ok. Say one more word and I will lose my home training and give you uppercut.

7. “You cannot cheat on me o”

Broda Sikiru, you’re busy cheating on your wife and you are still insecure. You want to be claiming ownership of another man’s future property, the thunder that will faya you is still busy doing press up.

8. “I Love You”

Are you playing? Is this playing? What kind of playing is this? You don’t love me, it’s your wife you love in Jesus name. Amen!

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