I Don’t Want Her To Kill My Boyfriend

My ex-boyfriend whom I dated 6 years ago loved me so much, everyone knew about that. He could do anything to make me happy but distance ruined the relationship as things were not going well between us anymore. I lost interest in the relationship so I broke up with him then. I was single this year and he asked me out again after 6 years. I accepted him because the love was still there, and he was so generous to me. I later found out he was depressed when I broke up with him back then. Even though we broke up then, he made sure he told every girl he met that he has a girlfriend and they have been dating for 6 years (despite the fact that I had left).

Now that we are back together, I got to know that he dated a girl for just 3 months, she got pregnant and she gave birth to the child this year. He revealed this to me because he doesn’t know how to keep secrets from me. I let that go because I was at fault for leaving him then. The girl agreed to be his baby mama. She knows me very well, and she respects me as the main girlfriend (lol). Now, this girl is giving him a tough time, she threatened to kill herself the baby, and him also.

This was after she saw our messages. She couldn’t confront me because she knows I have a full right to him. She does not dare to text me or talk to me. Now she insists that he breaks up with me. Omo my gender!  Just one night and she’s already claiming my boyfriend. I’m calm because I don’t want her to kill him truly because she has tried it before. I and my boyfriend are planning on leaving the country. Now he doesn’t know how to free himself from the girl. She’s using the child against him because the baby is still very small.

He doesn’t love her at all oo but he’s weak because of the child. What can he do in this kind of situation to free himself from her? It’s affecting me also. Do you think I should confront her or wait till she talks to me herself since she has my phone number? I don’t want to share him but the problem is this girl. He is weak and getting depressed. She now wants him by fire by force. What can he do to avoid her completely? Should I confront her?

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