I Burst Into Laughter When He Removed His Towel

I’m 19 years old. I attended a friend’s birthday party and it was lit. I had lots of fun and at the same time got messed up, I was so drunk that I didn’t know when I threw myself on a guy. This guy was chubby and had a charming height. I think he already knew I was drunk so he took me to one corner of the club and asked me to follow him to his hotel room, he also offered to pay me for having sex with him which I agreed to immediately since I was so high and horny.

We went to his hotel room, and he was so excited about the s€x while I was imagining the way I was going to lavish the money he gives me on food. I went into the bathroom, took my bath, and came out, he also did the same. I was lying pretty on the bed when he came out with the towel wrapped around his waist, I knew it was time to unleash the pornstar in me. I was still under the influence of alcohol, so I moved towards him and dragged the towel from his waist. What I saw next made me burst into laughter.

He has the tiniest d¡©k I’ve ever seen in my life, the worse part of it all was that it was covered in hair. The way I laughed that day I’ve never laughed like that in my life. He went out of the hotel room embarrassed and angry, however, before he left, I asked him for the money he promised to give me earlier. He went down to the reception and told the receptionist to throw me out of the room but I was lucky enough that the lady had sense. She called me and asked for an explanation and when I told her what happened she laughed so hard that tears was flowing out of her eyes.

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