6 Things You Should Put In Place Before Employing A Gen-Z

When Tiwa Savage sang “I no come this life to suffer”, she totally forgot to mention Gen-Zers because that is basically their motto. This group of people birthed between the late 1990s and early 2010s are the real ambassador of enjoyment.

Aside from the fact that these people always crave soft life, they’re very intelligent and are productive when it comes to working. But does that mean they love to work? NO! – However, money must be made to fund their soft life. Frankly, having a group of Gen-Zers in your team is like incorporating intelligent minds and a squad of fun people in the same space.

If you’re looking to attract Gen-Zers employees, here are things you should consider putting in place – or else, they’ll run away!

1. Mouth-watering salary

The monetary compensation must be worth the job you assigned to them and the value they’re adding to your organization. Remember a good salary is an enabler of soft life and living a soft life is a must for Gen-Zers.

2. Games, parties, and other fun activities

Gen-Zers believe that all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. How’s life even soft without partying, flexing, and enjoying?  You may consider organizing a monthly, quarterly, or even yearly party to appreciate and entertain your employees. Las las, problem no dey finish, so enjoy!

3. Free WiFi

Gen-Zers are considered the first digital natives as they grew up in the information age. This set of people gravitates toward places where there is free access to the internet as this guarantees unlimited internet access. If you want to keep a Gen-Zer, ensure there is access to free WiFi in your organization. E dey sweet their belle and e dey ginger dem to work.

4. Fine background for TikTok

Ever since the advent of TikTok, the category of people you would mostly come across are the Gen-Zers as content creation has piqued so many’s interests nowadays. Besides, many organizations are also using this platform to promote their businesses. So abeg, make sure your office is fine so they can be hopping on different TikTok challenges. You know they don’t wanna miss.

5. Stable power source

If you employ a Gen-Z without a constant power supply, get ready to do all your work by yourself and that’s on periodttt!!! Knowing that you have a good power supply sef can ginger a Gen-Zer to work with you or how do you expect him to charge his 5 iPhones, 3 iPads, laptop, AirPods, iWatch, and many more before going home? 

6. Flexible work environment

Aside from the physical things mentioned above, a work environment that is not too rigid can be encouraging for Gen-Zers. They do not want an arrangement that would come between them and the soft life they always crave. They hate unnecessary headaches and wouldn’t want their mental health to be meddled with. So If you are the type that pressurizes your employees, do not employ a Gen-Zer, they are not wired to work under pressure.

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