Different Types Of People That Think They Have Made It In Life

There are different levels to certain things in this Bubu’s country. Some people have their stories of moving from the trenches to high or middle class while some people that don’t have motivational stories have settled for faking it till they make it. We are not hating on them, but here are nine sets of people who in their heads, think they’ve made it in life.

1. iPhone Users

While some people are saving their shikini money to start a small business, these ones are saving to buy Highphonez. They feel on top of the world whenever they say “my iPhone can’t send to android”. They’d purposely screenshot their Tweets and post on WhatsApp to show you “twitter for iPhone”. God when?!


Be thanking God if you’ve never had issues with them. When it’s time to cut light ehn, that is when you’d see their true colour, they’d carry that ladder with pride and won’t listen to anyone. Once they climb it to cut your light, e don finish be that, even your village people no fit stop them. 

3. Girls with flat tummy

Starvation for flat tummy, gyming for flat tummy, sapa for flat tummy, whichever method they employed to achieve this shouldn’t be anyone’s business. However, they will not let us rest, especially on social media. Y’all really need to stop this and let us have our eba in peace at 1:15 am.

4. Girls with big ass

Having a huge behind usually comes hand in hand with being proud. They  believe all power belongs to their bum bum so you either have to respect them for that or they use shakara to finish you. 

5. People that drink bottled water

These ones believe they are not in the same class as others that buy 20 naira pure water to gulp since they buy theirs for N100-N200. Some of dem go even pour water into bottle con dey carry am around like a trophy. Wahala be like bicycle.

6. 500-level students that invigilate

These ones behave like they’re lecturers just because they’re invigilating their junior coursemates. If they catch you talking, just remember you aren’t on the same level as them before you talk back. The kind of pride that would set in ehn, you’d think they are not undergraduates like you. Make dem just dey play!

7. Bodybuilders

These ones are the ogbonge bricklayer of bodies. They do the most at the gym as if they are going for world war III. Sha let us know so we can start preparing too.

8. Earpod users

These ones use earpods for fashion, when they see that you don’t use them, then you are not a big boy or girl just like them. Their earpods and their ears are like 5&6, dem no dey ever depart. Some even use it to bed.

9. People that put off read receipts 

Their shoulder pads are so high even though their name is not on the Forbes list of richest men or women. Turning off their read receipts is like a weapon to intentionally ignore people without being questioned. If e sure for you, ignore people with your full chest!

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