All You Need To Know About The Upcoming 2023 Presidential Election

The upcoming presidential election scheduled for tomorrow, 25th of February, 2023, will be a life-changing activity for every Nigerian citizen. Every adult is expected to have gotten their voter’s card beforehand for the election.

Here are some of the things to know about the top 5 registered political parties and their candidates. 

1. All Progressive Congress (APC)

APC is the political party of the current president of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari. The presidential candidate for this party is Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. The former Lagos state governor (1999-2007) is 70 years old. He’s an accountant with a Bachelors in business administration.

The Vice Presidential Candidate of this party is Kashim Shettima Mustapha. He is 56 years old, and he once served as the governor of Borno state from 2011 to 2019. He’s currently a senator of Borno Central since 2019. The supporters of this party are commonly known as ‘Batified’, a name formed from the acronym of the presidential candidate. 

2. Labour Party (LP)

The presidential candidate of the Labour Party is Peter Gregory Obi. He’s a 61-year-old man who was formerly the governor of Anambra state from 2007 to 2014. The Vice Presidential Candidate is Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed. He’s a 53-year-old man who served as a senator for Kaduna North from 2011 to 2012. He was also a member of the House of Representative from 2003 to 2007. Not only that, but he’s the founder of the popular Baze University, Abuja.

The supporters of this party are commonly known as ‘Obi-dients’, a name coined from the name of the presidential candidate, Peter Obi.

3. People’s Democratic Party (PDP)

The presidential candidate of this political party is Atiku Abubakar. He’s 76 years old and he served as the vice president of Nigeria from 1999 to 2007 during the reign of Olusegun Obasanjo. He’s a politician, businessman, and an author.

The Vice Presidential Candidate is Okowa Arthur Ifeanyi. He’s presently the governor of Delta state and has been in office since 2015. He was formerly a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The supporters of this political party are popularly known as ‘Atikulates’.

4. Nigerian National Democratic Party (NNDP)

The presidential candidate for this party is Musa Muhammed Rabiu Kwankwaso, a 66-year-old man who was the former governor of Kano State. He served from 1999 to 2003 and from 2011 to 2015.

The vice presidential candidate is Bishop Isaac Idahosa, a popular Bishop who hails from Edo state.Hes the presiding Bishop and the senior pastor of God First Ministries Inc. popularly known as Illumination Assembly, Lagos.

5. African Action Congress (AAC)

The presidential candidate of AAC is Omoyele Sowore, who is the founder and national chairman of the party. He’s a human right activist who founded the popular online news agency, Sahara reporters. The vice presidential candidate is Magashi Haruna Garba, a Kano born legal practitioner. 

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Here are some things you need to take along with you to your polling unit.

  • Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC): This is significant because without the Voter’s card, it’s impossible to vote.

  • SunscreenSince there might be sun and high temperature without much shade, it’s essential to take your sunscreen to protect your skin from the UVA and UVB rays of the sun.
  • UmbrellaThis is to shield yourself from the sun or rain. If you have a mini umbrella that can fit into your bag it would go a long way.
  • Food/Snacks and Drinks/WaterTo prevent hunger and thirst, and to give enough strength in case there’s a delay in the voting process, voters must take food and drinks along.

As you are preparing to step out to vote tomorrow, It is important not to disclose your candidate to any random person to be safe during the election. We wish every Nigerian a safe voting process and a free and fair election.

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