5 Ways To Ease Your Mind From Election Tension

There has been a lot going on in the country after the presidential election that happened on Saturday, 25th of February, 2023. Currently, INEC is collating the results and this has heightened everyone’s tension as we do not know who would be elected as the next president of the country.

We have voted and done our best for a better Nigeria. Now, it’s time to reduce the stress and tension from waiting for the results. Here are a few ways you can achieve this.

1. Take a break from social media

Social media is an entire world of other people’s thoughts. Some thoughts are just there to increase our level of stress. Limiting your use of social media can greatly improve your mental health this period.

2. Get your news from a credible source

Getting updated by events in the country is crucial, however, there are so many platforms whose target is to share fake and unconfirmed news. To avoid consuming false news, find a reliable source to get your news from to avoid being tensed up by the wrong ones.

3. Meditation

When your thoughts start getting jumbled and you don’t know what to focus on, meditation is the remedy. Sometimes you need to take a break even when it seems like everything isn’t going as planned. Take deep breaths to relax. Also, you can try out a simple yoga routine, it will help to relieve stress and calm your mind.

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4. Hang out with friends

We all need human companion in this crucial time. Spend quality time with your friends and family in safe areas. Understand that as tempting as it is to argue about politics with the people around you, it isn’t healthy as it increases your stress level and you loose energy.

5. Binge watch your favourite shows

With your mind focused on your favourite show, your body will be in a calm and relaxed state, preventing you from having too much thoughts about election and easing the tension.

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