People Tell Us About When They First Met Their In-Laws

Ali Baba and Sola Sobowale/ Via 'The Wedding Party'
Ali Baba and Sola Sobowale/ Via 'The Wedding Party'

After finding the Yin to your Yang and convincing yourself enough that you’ve reached your last bus stop, it’s crucial to take that bold step of introducing them to your family. And obviously, you also want to meet your partner’s family. While it might end up in praise for some people, it could end in premium tears for others – especially if you encounter a mother-in-law like Patience Ozokwor, you are outrightly done for!

In the past couple of days, there has been controversies about meeting in-laws for the very first time on Twitter. It all started when a lady, @toni_aa tweeted that it’s rude for a girl to meet her partner’s mom for the very first time and the mom expects her to help in the kitchen when she’s still very much a guest.

While some people gave her her favorite flower for making that statement, some couldn’t make any sense out of it. This sparked a whole new but related conversation after another lady @fisayoade_ asked people to share good stories of when they first met their in-laws. Well, the stories below might just ginger you to plan on meeting your in-laws very soon – I’m not referring to single people!

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Although most of the stories revolved around food, how about you see it from the angle of the thoughtful gesture? Fink abourrit!

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