My Near-Death Sexcapade

I met a young lady at a festival in the USA a while back. I was in my early twenties, she looked young and was quite attractive. We got talking and I invited her to come to the club with me later that night. At the club, I came across an old classmate from university, and he asked if he could speak to me in private.  I excused myself and we went to a corner to talk. Homeboy told me the lady I’m with is his woman and would appreciate it if I leave her alone. I told him it was up to the lady to decide if she does not want to be friends with me. I approached the lady and told her what he said, she said I shouldn’t pay him any mind. So, I left it at that. After the club, I took the lady back home to drop her off and she invited me to come, which I wasn’t expecting.

When I got into her house, I saw pictures of two kids on the wall so I inquired if she was married. She confirmed she was, but they were separated, and her kids were with her sister for the weekend. As a guy, I made my move, we entered the bedroom, and we smashed all night. In the morning, she woke up to go make me breakfast while I was still in bed.  All of a sudden, I heard a loud bang with screams coming from downstairs, “Don’t k!ll me please! Don’t k!ll me please!”. I was scared shitless. I ran to shut the door and move the drawer chest to block off the door to prevent anyone from gaining access to the bedroom.  At that point, I contemplated jumping from her room down, but it was 3 stories and I would most likely jump to my death.

I decided to call 911. Emergency picked up and I told them I was in distress and the lady I was with was being attacked downstairs. 911 asked me for the address and I couldn’t even give them the location address. Fortunately, I came across one of her mails and gave them the address.  Police were dispatched to the address, and as I was waiting for the police to show up, the guy came and broke the door. As soon as I saw him, it was that same former university classmate (her ex). He has a bl00died knife with him and his shirt was bl00dy.  I just decided to jump out of the 3rd-floor bedroom. As God will have it, a tree branch broke my fall, I only sustained minor injuries. This fool still came chasing me downstairs. It was the sound of sirens that saved me.

He ran away when he heard the police coming.  When the police came, we found out he had stabb£d the lady severally. She survived and he was charged with assault and attempted murd£r.  He was found guilty of the lesser charge though.  The lady and I never spoke till now.  To date, my friends always tease me that why didn’t I go save her when I heard her screaming.  But the fear of death didn’t let me.

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