Love In The Air: DJ Cuppy Shoots Her Shot At Former Admirer, Asiwaju Lerry

It seems DJ Cuppy has decided to hold the slang that says “no gree for anybody this 2024” firmly, as she has boldly made a move to hit on her former admirer and popular X app user, Asiwaju Lerry. Two years ago, the X App influencer, showed interest in the billionaire’s daughter. As if his love inciting tweets were not enough, he sent a handwritten letter expressing his feelings, and he also asked her to be his Valentine.

She agreed to it, and they had a date on Valentine’s Day, which was held on a Twitter space. They got talking, and she even invited him to her dad’s birthday. Imagine going from social media to popping Champagne with Otedola. Billonaire! Woooshhh!!!

To cut the long story short, she met Ryan Taylor, a popular British boxer in November 2022. They got engaged 25 days after they met. A few months later, they decided to end the relationship due to his infidelity as claimed by multiple sources.

Today, Cuppy came to X App and tweeted, “Hiii it’s me again🥹,” and she tagged Lerry. Should we call this a love shot or she’s just inviting her to eat some Jollof On The Jet.

Well, X App people told her to move on, stating that Lerry already has a girlfriend.

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