If Halloween Was Celebrated In Nigeria

It’s Halloween season and people are sharing pictures of themselves in costumes (even some Nigerians). No matter how exciting this event seem and how westernized we’ve become in Nigeria, Halloween is one western culture we shouldn’t even try to dabble into.

Because you heard that people are celebrating abroad, you gathered your costume and put it on, then you carry a bowl for trick-or-treating and headed into the market or your neighborhood. How do you think it’ll end for you? Let’s tell you because we know why Halloween can’t work in Nigeria. 

1. When you wear esu costume for Halloween and the deity shows himself to you. 

Wahala de ooo!!!

2. Or you decide to dress as a mad person and your village people endorse it and you become mad for real.

Unpaid endorsement deal!

3. When you carry bowl and tell your Nigerian parents you’re going for trick or treating.

You mean you want to collect sweet from the other house? You’re such a disappointment!

4. Your religious neighbor when you knock on their door to ask for Halloween treats.

If we tear you slaps, even your parents go feel ham for house.

5. When you collect sweet for trick or treat and you turn to yam or find yourself in a shrine with calabash on your head.

Eh God!!!

6. And then you begin to think about how your long throat that your Nigerian parents have always warned you about has finally put you in trouble

Time to start vomiting currency.

7. Or you start having weird dreams just because you ate the chocolate that your neighbor gave you.

Baba God abeg interfere 😭!

8. Kidnappers and bandits rejoicing because it’s about to be their cash out season.

Sheybi you want to be roaming about ni. 

9. Pastors and Imams will eventually get tired of casting out demons.

Which kain wahala be this now?

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