I Want To End The Relationship But I Am Three Weeks Pregnant

I am a 23-year-old lady dating a 33-year-old guy, he asked me out in February but I didn’t accept him then because I was still dating my ex-boyfriend. In April, I broke up with my ex and I decided to give him a chance in May. The first day I visited his apartment, everywhere was messed up with dirt, I entered his kitchen and saw pile of dirty plates of over four days. He begged me to help him clean up since he couldn’t do it because he has been busy. I cleaned the apartment and washed the dishes.

The same thing happened when I visited the second time. If I didn’t go to visit him for a week, he gets angry because I didn’t come to do the house chores. I went to spend last weekend at his place and immediately I entered, the whole house was messed up as usual. I started cleaning again,  I was so angry that I decided to talk to him about it. I left the next day because of that. We were chatting on WhatsApp and I decided to bring the issue up politely. He got angry and started insulting me that it was my duty and I must do it.

He said that’s the only help I can be to him because he won’t need my financial assistance, he said a lot of other insulting words to me. I got angry and I talked back at him which made him angrier. After a long argument, I apologized for peace to reign. The next day, he called me and told me that since I am running away from my duty, someone else will do it. This is someone I don’t even ask for money because I have my own business that I am running. Whenever I go visiting, he gives me from N2k to N7k for transportation.

Apart from that, I do other things myself. That very day, he started talking about all the transport fares he has given me and saying all sorts of harsh words to me. I am tired of the relationship and I want to break up with him. The issue now is that I am three weeks pregnant for him. What should I do?

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