He Blocked Me And Gave Me A Sexually Transmitted Disease

I am 27 years old, I met this guy on Instagram, he wasn’t that outspoken but I didn’t mind. He has been disturbing me since February but I didn’t reply to his texts because I once had a failed relationship with a guy who I met on Instagram. Well, I tried to meet up with him around the end of August, we met at a lounge and I was playful even though I was cold to him during chats before we met. He was surprised because he thought I was one of those girls that form (pretend). I don’t know if it’s his sweet mouth or I just like him at first sight. In my head, I began imagining marriage between me and this fine boy, he’s not very fine but he’s just okay for my own taste.

We asked each other personal questions and he told me he wanted to have a relationship, I wasn’t ready for a relationship because I and my ex broke up around June. I thereafter agreed to date him. Motivational speakers don kuku tell us to enjoy the moment while it last. Fast forward to early September, something in my mind was telling me this guy knew me before Instagram and just wanted to have fun to prove something because I can be very hard to deal with. Another mind was telling me this guy is serious. He invited me to his house which I refused. I don’t mind visiting someone I like on a first date or any day in their house, but this particular one,

I just wanted to be sure I am not getting into another wrong man’s hands because I am literally tired of breaking and making up. It’s tiring especially if you know you are not lucky when it comes to relationships. So I went to his house and we had sex. He wanted raw but I said no, I want a condom. We had sex with a condom but we did the second round raw because he claimed he doesn’t have condoms anymore. This same guy told me he wanted a child and that he wants his woman to get pregnant before marriage and he said he is ready to marry latest December or February.

Even though I also want to marry, I didn’t show it to his face and asked him why he must bring up a marriage conversation with someone he just met in not even up to 2 weeks. He begged me to not use any pills and I said okay that I won’t. I reached home and used my normal pills, no be me you go kill. All these years, I have tried not to settle down with the wrong person, no be your trap I go enter now. I don’t usually invite any guy to my house, he was the first I ever allowed into my apartment and he’ll be the last sha because I regret breaking that policy for someone who is not even serious. The first day he came to my apartment, we had sex.

Before I forget to mention, he doesn’t call regularly or text but he never ignores my messages. The annoying part is that he takes time before he responds to it but he will definitely answer to every of my complaint. We had sex in my apartment, and we gist and talked about ourselves as well. I started complaining because I have not visited his apartment since the first time I went a month ago. He’s so comfortable with coming to my own house and I have only been to his house just once. One mind keeps telling me this guy is not serious but his words sounded so real, you know that feeling now.

At times, I’d delete his number and block him on Instagram, and he would rush and call me on the phone that he is coming to my side now. He would drive down and beg me that he has been busy, that’s why he couldn’t give me attention. I did the blocking and deleting like four times and he would rush down to my apartment after. He is the type that screams when he is angry, he would be shouting in his car that I don’t give him peace because I am demanding to come to his house all the time, that must I come to his house? Why am I rushing things? Lol! Someone who was begging me to come to his house at first. We had sex in my apartment the third time and I noticed I have been infected two days later because my body is very sensitive.

I went to the pharmacy and did the norms, I called him over and told him that he infected me and he said Ahh! That means he needs to check himself up too. He said he was sorry and that he would do a check-up too. He neither calls nor texts and I complained. I said I knew he was unserious blah blah, I insulted him and blocked him everywhere. He called again and rushed down to my house as usual. We met in his car, I didn’t allow him to enter and I was very sick that day. However, I wanted to see him too because I missed him. Naso brother start to dey talk, he said I have bad character, I am always feeling like a boss.

He said I talk like I am very wise but I am not wise at all, he said he would love me only if I can change. He sha manipulated everything, I had to beg him that day and told him I will change even though I am not a bad person. The following day, I told him the sickness is now much, and he said he also has a headache, he then promised to come over once he rests. He called me and begged me to please calm down, that he would come and check on me, till the next day he didn’t even call me. The second day, he texted me and said his headache is now very serious but he will still come down. He didn’t show up on the third day and my sickness has gotten worse.

This time, he didn’t bother to call at all. The same thing happened on the fourth day, no calls at all. He didn’t show up but he was posting on his status. I sha texted him the fifth time, I told him I am not angry and that it was nice meeting him. The next thing I saw was that his picture has disappeared from his dp, he has blocked me without responding at all. It was later blisters came out from my mouth. I thought it was malaria, not knowing he had infected me with the herpes virus. I am so sad because I am not a wayward person, I deserve a good relationship I swear. I spent money, but he didn’t even give me a dime for treatment.

Little did I know that I was even reacting to the disease he gave me and we all know herpes is incurable. I was just laughing and

Tumore prostatico: la prognosi in base a stadio, grado e rischio

Tumore prostatico: la prognosi in base a stadio, grado e rischio

crying at the same time when he blocked me. Omo I don suffer for this life, why is it that we good women are always unlucky when it comes to men? It is well. A friend advised me to call him because he thinks he blocked me because I wanted to complain again and also because he knew I was going to block him again if he is not fast about it. I don’t know if he is very sick too. If his sickness is that serious,

intervento all'apparato gastrointestinale

Intervento Gastroenterologico

Testo aggiuntivo sull’intervento gastrointestinale.

he won’t be posting and catching cruise on status nah abi? Hmmm! I am just tired.

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