Different Types Of Housemates You Will Always Find In Big Brother’s House

Every season of Big Brother Naija has had similar sets of people as members of the house. The yardstick for which housemates are selected isn’t known publicly, however, one thing we’ve noticed is that we usually have upcoming artists, models, the ones with the grass-to-grace story, among others. Whichever, what’s important to viewers is the drama and vibes that come with this. We’ve compiled a list of different categories of housemates you’ll most likely see on this show. Here you go! 

1. The Upcoming Artist

There’s always at least one upcoming artist in every season. Their aim is to use the platform to make their talent known to the world. Some of the ex-housemates who came into the house with this goal include Efe, Laycon, Bryan, etc.

2. The Romeo and Juliet

They’re always found together acting all lovey-dovey – you’d rarely see them separately. These love birds usually have a group of fans supporting their relationship, they are called “the shippers”. The shippers go out of their ways to show love to their favorite couple while hoping their relationship gets stronger. Some of these relationships end briskly after the show, while just a few of them lasted longer than people expected. Ex-housemates whose relationships resulted in marriage were Bambam & Teddy A and Khafi & Gedoni.

3. The Foodies

Biggie’s house is usually filled up with food, snacks and drinks. There are some sets of people whose mouths never stop munching on something. They either love food naturally or they’re just trying to eat as much as they could before leaving the house. Who doesn’t like free food?! If you hear other housemates complaining about food finishing so fast, we usually know that housemate to point fingers at. 

4. The Married Ones

I don’t know why, but most of the time, there is usually that one married person in the house. Well, nobody said married people shouldn’t secure the bag or make money, it’s just something we see every season and we wonder if it’s just part of the things put into consideration before selecting certain housemates.

5. The Hustlers

First of all, you can’t be in that house if you’re not a hustler because the show itself is a hustle. Most of the housemates came to alleviate themselves in big brother’s house and we are always here to see the journey. Some of their struggle stories often make people appreciate their determination spirit.

6. The IJGBs

They’re based abroad and they don’t cease to remind everyone that they don’t live in Nigeria. By their oyinbo accent, you shall know them. Their anthem is that they’re not in Biggie’s house for the money but the fame. We sha know there’s nothing anyone will say to convince us that N100m na beans.

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