“Abi Ki N Pe Rexxie?” – Why Is Everyone Trying To Call Rexxie? Here’s What We Know

One thing that is constant about Nigerians is that we always have slangs that trend at a particular point in time. These slangs are inserted during conversations to add some spice to it or to make emphasis. Being an influential artiste in Nigeria, Nairamarley has coined many slangs – from Japa to Mafo, Opotoyi, and many others – which are usually conveyed through his music. One place to visit if you are keen on finding out about trending slangs is the Bird App – Nigerian Twitter to be precise.

Recently, the slang; “Abi ki n pe Rexxie” has been trending, if you’ve never come across it, then you’re not an ardent user of social media. As usual, this slang was invented by the “Tingasa” crooner. In case you are wondering how, when, or where it started, sit back and I’ll tell you what I know.


Ezeh Chisom Faith, popularly known as Rexxie is a talented Nigerian record producer, DJ, and sound engineer. Last year, Rexxie released his song “Abracadabra” featuring Nairamarley and Skiibii, after which the music video was released.

For a song that was released last year “Abracadabra” is currently one of the top 10 songs in Nigeria on Apple Music, while a part of the lyrics “Abi ki n pe Rexxie” has been trending as well. Right after Skiibii sang the first verse, Nairamarley came in with “Abi ki n pe Rexxie” before he then continued with other parts of his verse.

In English, “Abi ki n pe Rexxie” means “should I call Rexxie?” Now the question is, why is Nairamarley calling Rexxie? Did they have unfinished business? Did Rexxie collect his bread? I know Nigerians love catching cruise but why does everyone want Rexxie’s number as well? Is he sharing money? Abi is something going on that you people are not telling us?

Here are different ways people are reacting to this trend.

1. The one that keep wondering why everyone keeps calling Rexxie or how the trend even started.


2. The one that can’t think of other things ever since they heard it.


3. The one who thinks everyone is truly calling Rexxie and he’s wondering how he can get his phone number too.


4. The one that is tired of hearing the slang and want the whole thing to be over with already.


Well, I still can’t figure out why everyone is calling Rexxie. I’d just enjoy the song for now and stop puzzling over the slang. Nairamarley’s part just came up now and the question just pop up in my mind again. Abi ki n pe Rexxie ni?